We provide one of the most competitive pricing for dental treatments in Dublin.

We do NOT accept “Medical Cards”.
We accept all medical insurance providers (VHI, Laya Heathcare, etc…)


Service DescriptionPrice
Check-up / Routine Exam (X-Ray – Included)50 EUR

Preventive Treatment

Service DescriptionPrice
Routine teeth cleaningfrom 80 EUR
Non-surgical periodontal treatmentfrom 200 EUR
Dental sealantsfrom 60 EUR

Restorative Treatment

Service DescriptionPrice
White filling (We do not provide amalgam / silver filling)90-200 EUR
Temporary fillingfrom 70 EUR
Milk tooth filling60-90 EUR
Acrylic denturefrom 500 EUR
Chrome denturefrom 900 EUR
Dental crown (metal porcelain)600 EUR
Dental crown (porcelain)750 EUR
Zircon crown750 EUR
Temporary crownFREE for our patients
Dental bridgesfrom 600 EUR
Teeth extractionfrom 100 EUR
Wisdom teeth extraction200-400 EUR
Milk tooth extraction50-100 EUR
Tooth reconstruction with fiber postfrom 250 EUR
Tooth reconstruction with post corefrom 250 EUR
Onlay / Inlayfrom 500 EUR

Root Canal Treatment

Service DescriptionPrice
Root canal treatment front without filling / with filling320 / 380 EUR
Root canal treatment premolar without filling / with filling420 / 480 EUR
Root canal treatment molar without filling / with filling620 / 680 EUR
Re-treatmentadditional 100 EUR
Temporary filling after root canal treatmentFREE
X-ray before and after root canal treatmentFREE

Cosmetic Dentistry / Orthodontic Treatment

Service DescriptionPrice
Porcelain veneersfrom 700 EUR
Teeth whitening200 EUR
Consultation with orthodontist50 EUR
Removable Appliances400 EUR
Visit control every 4 weeks100 EUR
Visit control for children every 4 weeks60 EUR
Removing Braces (Retention Plate) (One Arch) Retention Chainfrom 200 EUR
Night guardfrom 200 EUR