What are clear braces?

Clear braces are the invisible way to straighten your teeth. When doing the treatment you will receive removable, see-through aligners that have been specifically crafted to fit your teeth.

During the treatment, the clear braces will be changed several times. Each time, the aligners will gradually cause your teeth to slightly move their position over a period of four to five weeks. Thanks to this, they will be adjusted to your individual treatment progress and your teeth are going to be corrected smoothly step by step. Clear braces can be used in the majority of orthodontic cases, from small problems to the big ones.


What are the benefits of clear braces?

Our patients appreciate the fact that clear braces are discreet, comfortable and hustle-free. They are made of transparent biocompatible material, which is almost invisible. During the treatment you can speak and smile without any difficulty. Eating, brushing or flossing is not a problem – you can simply take the braces out.


Why to choose us?

  • DURATION OF THE TREATMENT – We offer one of the fastest orthodontic treatments on the market. Our orthodontist will set up your treatment plan during the initial consultation, where the duration of the treatment will be assessed.
  • YOU PAY LESS – We offer very competitive pricing, so our braces are affordable for everyone. On average the price of the treatment is 3000 EUR for both arches.


What is the process for an ideal treatment result? 

  1. CONSULTATION – Our orthodontist will assess if clear braces are the right treatment for you.
  2. IMPRESSION – The impressions taken from your upper and lower jaws form the exact basis to create the aligners.
  3. CREATING THE BRACES – Computer-controlled production of the braces takes place in the laboratory and the braces are precisely made just for you.
  4. TREATMENT – Our orthodontist will monitor treatment results regularly while you wear the braces. For best results, additional impressions of your teeth are taken and new braces are made. The braces only work when they are being worn 22 hours per day. It is recommended that the braces are worn regularly throughout the day and night except from when eating and cleaning your teeth.

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